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Breed: Jack Russell

Owner: Sean Benet 

Fee: 90 or pup

Tel: 07939486515   Area: Lancashire, UK.

General Info: Bilbo 7 year old short legged Jack Russell, all vaccines are up to date. He is a proven stud. Bilbo is very gentle and does not have any aggression in him at all, He is very good looking with a wonderful temperament.

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AWAITING PHOTO Breed: Jack Russell

Owner: paula jenkins

Fee: 125

Tel: 07845263841   Area: Lancashire, UK.

General Info: Munch 2 years old fantastic family pet well marked pure jrt stands 9inchs to the shoulder from working stock sired by pickles from Newcastle top stud dog in the country. Requirements for visiting Bitches: Must be up to date with current vaccinations

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Breed: Jack Russell  X

Owner: Zoe Ley

Fee: P.O.A.

Tel: 07833472490   Area: London, UK.

General Info: Incredible temperament. Excellent Health. We will pay the owner of a female to have a litter of puppies with a unique cross breed with an extremely kind temperament. We would take all the puppies if required and would like at least one.  The female would be artificially inseminated. Will cover all bills including feed until pups are weaned. Ideally she should be 3 years old and have had a prior litter of puppies.

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Breed: Jack Russell

Owner: Joanna Wong

Fee: 0

Tel: 07521094315    Area: London, UK.

General Info: Age 6, Very playful and gets along with dogs most of the time. No problems with his health perfectly healthy

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West Midlands

Breed: Jack Russell X

Scores: All completed - All injections and jabs.

Owner: Stephen Eastwood

Fee: 125 or P.O.L.

Tel: 07761 349938     Area: West Midlands, UK.

General Info: Age 3, Perfect Temperament. Looking to breed young well training male for pick of litter or stud fee. Produced and home grown from a puppy himself now looking for him to have his own opportunity to stud. Requirements for visiting Bitches: Local, Well trained and clean. Genuine Jack Russell or Cross will be perfect. Please get in touch to discuss further

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