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AWAITING PHOTO Breed: West Highland White Terrier

Owner: les woodrow

Fee: 150

General Info: Age 6, good with children. ted has fathered 12 litters. i have had this breed for the past 7 years. Requirements for visiting Bitches: to be in good health

Contact Information:

Tel: 07722430176       Area: cheshire, UK.

Breed: West Highland White Terrier   Affix: Raversmont

Owner: maggie

Fee: 275

Tel: 01302770784  Area: South Yorkshire, UK.

General Info: Age 2, Dillon is a well proven stud dog, sired many healthy nice quality litters and puppies. The sire has no skin complaint, with good pigmentation and bone structure. He is a healthy loving dog. has a brilliant pedigree with many champions in. I am an Assured Breeder with the Kennel Club. I have had westies most of my life and 10 years ago decided to go into breeding and having stud dogs, I know the breed very well. I do not show as I prefer the breeding and studding side. all my bitches and dogs are pets and are good with adults and children. I am always available with advice and help throughout the whelping. Bitches can be left if too far to travel, will do free mating, if not taken. but please count your days and keep an eye on her for when she is ready before you make the journey. ring to ask anything. Bitches must be over a year old.

Contact Information: 

Breed: West Highland White Terrier

KC Name: lenny lennon

Owner: Fiona Baddeley

Fee: bitch puppy

General Info: Age 3, of all ages.

Contact Information:

Tel: 01885488691       Area: herefordshire, UK.

AWAITING PHOTO Breed: West Highland White Terrier

KC Name: Cotontastick Iceman

Scores: regular vet check-ups, and all vaccinations are up to date.

Owner: Jackie Hill

Fee: 150

General Info: Age 6, Excellent temperament - good with everybody. Requirements for visiting Bitches: Good temperament and all vaccinations to be up to date. Dexter is our much-loved family pet. He is and unproven. We have intended to advertise him for stud for a long time, but never got round to it! We just feel we ought to 'let him have a go' now! He is Kennel Club registered, his vaccinations are up to date and he has a lovely calm temperament.

Contact Information:

Tel: 01484608716       Area: West Yorkshire, UK.

Breed: West Highland White Terrier

KC Name: Lodowick Theodore

Scores: All vaccinations etc up to date

Owner: Diane Boddington

Fee: 250

General Info: Age 2, Extremely Friendly, Happy, boy. Great with Children and other dogs, ok with cats. Proven stud with gorgeous healthy puppies. Breeder for 10 years in a family home, my dogs have been used for filming and TV work including Ceasar Dog food.  Are loved family pets first and foremost, and live in a busy family home with 3 children. Requirements for visiting Bitches: Upto date on all vaccinations. Stud fee is for 2 visits 48 hours apart, payment required on first tie. Free return at next season if no pregnancy follows mating.

Contact Information:

Tel: 01604416815       Area: Northamptonshire, UK.

Breed: West Highland White Terrier  Affix: Lodowick

KC Name: Woofstock Wallace of Lodowick

Owner: rhona wiggins

Fee: 250

General Info: Excellent temperament. Numerous happy healthy litters. owned and bred westies for 50 years. Requirements for visiting Bitches: good temperament and in good health

Contact Information:

Tel: 01604900923       Area: Northamptonshire, UK.


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